Mechanical Engineering Micro Systems

Our research activity focuses on modeling of micro actuators and design of innovative devices with tailored properties. Typical fruits of our work are posted on our Research page. We are eagerly seeking collaboration and if you have interesting problems or challenges we would love to hear about them.

Recent publication in SNA

We analyzed the response of a symmetric electret parallel-plates actuator. We show that the displacement is a linear function of driving voltage, and that a full range of stable motion can be achieved. Furthermore, all important characteristics of the fixed charge can be deduced from simple measurements.

Recent punlication in JMEMS

There is a growing interest in using charged floating electrodes as an alternative for dc bias voltage in microsystems. How do you monitor charge retention in a floating electrode without discharging it?

We demonstrate a non-disruptive measurement of charge retention on floating electrodes.

Under construction

Curved fonts, drastically inflate the size of layout files. Also, when text is etched in SOI, bits of letters fly off during BOX release.
To overcome both issues I have designed the DEPLOF font - which I am the first to admit is profoundly ugly.

This font is free for non-profit use.


DownloadDEPLOF font